Here are some examples of my work.

Reference Chart: Apple Video Adapter Quick Reference Chart.

Product Comparision: Aperture and Lightroom Compared.

Training Presentation: Final Cut Pro Test Prep, Class 2.

Technical Writing: Command Line Reference.

Quick Reference: Common Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Data Presentation: Data Center Power Usage.

Visual Reference: DropBox Selective Sync.

Infographic: Ideal Home Computer Setup.

Technical Reference: JAMF Casper Suite Review.

Quick Reference: MacOS Keyboard Trackpad Shortcuts.

Network Diagram: Tiger Lab Network.

Process Workflow: Server Decommission Workflow.

Technical Overview: Apple IT Overview.

Organization: New MacOS File System.

Government Document: NASA RFI RESPONSE by XCOR Aerospace.

Sample Website: Obtainium Works Kinetic Arts Studio.

Kickstarter Project Presentation: Zero Gravity Cocktail Project.

Public Presentation: Designing for Space Tourism.